Personal Details


  • I am a well-rounded software developer who has worked with major organizations such as the City of Calgary, Booz Allen Hamilton, NASA Headquarters, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. My passion is using my analytic and development skills to bring great ideas to life.

Languages and Technologies Used

  • Actionscript 2/3, Bootstrap, AJAX, Android, BitBucket, CSS, DeployBot, Eclipse, Facebook API, Flash, Git, Glassfish, Google Maps API, HTML, iOS/iPhone/iPad, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MongoDB, MySQL, NodeJS, Objective C, PHP, Raphael JS, SharePoint 2010, SmartFoxServer Pro, SourceTree, Subversion, Tomcat, XCode, XML

Familiar With

  • .Net, ASP .Net, C#, Highcharts API, IIS, Matplotlib API, Python, React, Unity, Vue.js

Work Experience

  • January 2018 - Present

    Web and Digital Developer - Contractor

    The City of Calgary - Calgary, AB, Canada

    Developed for and supported

    Key Technologies – Sharepoint 2010, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, XSLT, SourceTree, BitBucket

    • Modified content of pages and subsites based on user requests
    • Created custom SharePoint web parts (widgets)
    • Supported rewrite of the City’s 17th Avenue Construction website
    • Enhanced SharePoint master page layout
    • Created custom SharePoint web parts, such as a Twitter Feed, YouTube video player, and Phone Dial Button
    • Created the Pattern Library pattern for the Image Viewer / Image Gallery
    • Provided technical support to web content editors
  • June 2015 - April 2017

    Web and Digital Developer

    The City of Calgary - Calgary, AB, Canada

    Developed new websites and supported existing websites

    Key Technologies – Sharepoint 2010, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, Node.JS, MongoDB, SourceTree, BitBucket, DeployBot

    • Modified content of pages and subsites based on user requests, including adding Google Analytics. Helped incorporate Bootstrap 4 into main CSS.
    • Helped build digital newspaper site from the ground up. Developed processes to pull in and aggregate data feeds. Met with stakeholders to discuss how their data would be used on our site.
    • Worked with clients and UX team to redesign the website. Updated SharePoint code and lists to enact extensive overhaul of the site.
    • Supported by fixing multiple bugs and improving web accessibility. Also provided guidance to IT in replacing the PHP script that feeds the database with a direct feed from TIBCO.
    • Built a count-up clock to display progress of the City's 7-day snow removal plan. Hooked into database to control functionality. Worked with clients to determine proper conditions for starting, stopping, and resetting the clock.
    • Enhanced the Research and Engagement Library site to ensure it met Web Content Accessibility Guidelines standards.
    • Migrated 36 production code repositories from Beanstalk to Bitbucket.
  • Sept 2012 - Present

    Mobile Applications Developer and Consultant

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Provided project teams with subject matter expertise for mobile applications

    Key Technologies – iPhone/iPad, Android, XCode, Eclipse, Objective C, Java, HTML, HTML5, PHP, MySQL

    • Provided iOS and Android development as needed
    • Assisted the Mobile Investments group in preparing contract proposals
    • Wrote web portal to update patient records for a project using Heads Up Display goggles
    • Set up new server to test mobile security scanning software
    • Evaluated secure code scanning software
    • Evaluated mobile cross-platform development solutions
  • Sept 2010 - Aug 2008

    Mobile Applications and Multimedia Developer

    Innovative Technologies, Inc at NASA Headquarters, Fulltime

    Informed the public of NASA’s current events, milestones, and achievements by creating informative and engaging interactive web and smartphone applications

    Key Technologies – iOS, Android, XCode, Objective C, Eclipse, Java, Fash CS5, ActionScript 3, SmartFoxServer Pro (socket server), MySQL, XML, JSON, PHP, MySQL, Facebook API, Google Maps API

    • Developed NASA's first multi-user Facebook trivia game - "Space Race Blast Off"
    • Developed NASA's first Android app - "NASA Spinoff" - to showcase NASA's contributions to our daily lives
    • Developed iOS app - "NASA Television" - to allow users to watch live broadcasts
    • Developed multiple interactive Flash features
  • Dec 2009 - Feb 2010

    iOS Developer

    Yuri's Night Organization, Freelance

    Developed the official social networking application for this global event

    Key Technologies - XCode, Objective C, XML

    • Countdown timer to event
    • List of parties around the world, categorized by countries
    • Party details with ability to open hosts' websites and send emails
    • World map showing party locations
    • RSS news reader
    • Twitter feed
  • Oct 2009 - Aug 2010

    iOS Developer

    NASA Headquarters, Freelance

    Developed prototype of iOS app version of their site.

    Key Technologies - XCode, Objective C, XML

    • RSS news reader for 11 feed categories
    • News summaries, plus full stories extracted from source website
    • Image of the Day slideshow, with double-tap to open related news articles
    • Thumbnail image gallery and slideshow
    • NASA TV videos from YouTube's NASA Channel
    • NOTE – The development team at Ames Research Center released the official iOS app, so my version was shelved
  • Oct 2008, Dec 2008, June 2009

    Flash Consultant

    NASA Headquarters and Goddard Space Flight Center, Freelance

    Assisted inexperienced developers in solving Flash and ActionScript problems

    Key Technologies - Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0, XML

    • Oct 2008: NASA 50th Anniversary Website - Fixed problem with random shuffle and restart of juke box component
    • Dec 2008: John Mather Flash Website - Fixed problem with video player's chapter buttons not selecting and resetting correctly
    • Jun 2009: Apollo 40th Anniversary Website - Wrote code to rotate Lunar Module by user input
  • June 2009

    Flash and Actionscript Developer

    Ashbury International Group Inc, Freelance

    Created object-oriented, dynamic-content slideshow with customized transition. Allows client to change slideshow by simply dropping images into folder. Slideshow self-adjusts for number of images

    Key Technologies – Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0, XML

  • Feb 2009

    Flash and Actionscript Developer

    Cipher Systems, LLC, Freelance

    Created database-driven slideshow to provide dynamic news content

    Key Technologies – Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0, PHP, SQL, XML

  • 2006 - Aug 2010

    Senior Consultant

    Wells Fargo, Fulltime

    Supported an enterprise-level data hub that routed over 1,500 files to downstream clients

    Key Technologies - COBOL, JCL, CA7, Unix, EasyTrieve, FileAid, ChangeMan, Network Data Mover, Ab Initio, MS Access

    • Wrote COBOL, JCL, and CA7 job scheduling to receive, process, and deliver critical files to clients on time
    • Added and removed files and associated job components to/from the Hub
    • Coordinated deliverables with upstream and downstream clients in order to assure timely delivery of data
    • Proactively automated and streamlined processes to decrease system downtime and increase performance, thereby assuring timely delivery of data to clients
    • Managed implementation process for Extraction Management team of 9 developers and assured that changes met and exceeded Software Development Lifecycle standards
    • Provided on-call support
  • 2003 - 2006

    Senior Consultant

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina, Fulltime

    Provided mainframe analysis, design, and development

    Key Technologies - COBOL, JCL, CA7, DB2, EasyTrieve, FileAid, Endevor, Network Data Mover

    • Developed and supported batch and online applications
    • Wrote and installed 7 application test cycles that streamlined development
    • Corrected and enhanced user interface screens
    • Improved efficiency by automating repetitive maintenance tasks, which increased overall system functioning and decreased time lost in data analysis
    • Collaborated with clients in order to provide system analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation based on clients’ specifications
    • Deconstructed business applications and created flowcharts
    • Analyzed and updated my team’s applications so they complied with Disaster Recovery mandates
  • 1996 to 2002


    Bank of America, Fulltime

    Enhanced and supported two large-scale credit reporting systems used by the Board of Directors to make financial policy decisions

    Key Technologies - COBOL, JCL, CA7, DB2, EasyTrieve, FileAid, ChangeMan, Network Data Mover

    • Wrote ad hoc reports and scrubbed data in support of three major bank conversion projects
    • Provided system analysis and testing for disaster recovery certification
    • Developed an Access database application to track system performance
    • Provided system analysis, design, development, testing and implementation based on clients’ change requests


  • April 2017

    Mount Royal University

    Took "An Overview of Business Analysis" class

    • Explored the role of today’s business analyst by applying industry recognized skills, techniques, and methods.
    • Discovered how to do critical functions, such as analyze a business situation, set business goals and objectives, elicit a variety of business analysis information including unstated and implied requirements
  • 2014

    Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

    Pursued SharePoint Developer Certificate of Achievement (Degree program discontinued by SAIT).
    Took three of the four courses before the program was discontinued

  • July 2010

    Marakana, Inc

    5-Day Android Development Boot Camp Training Course

  • 2007

    Central Piedmont Community College

    Introduction to Simulation and Game Design class

  • 1996

    University of North Carolina Charlotte

    Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

  • 1992

    Concord University, WV

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    Minor in Political Science

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